Bulk Discount & PDF Invoices for WooCommerce

Woocommerce plugin is the most popular online shopping tool but it lacks specific references to make life even easier. Here you are two FREE extensions: Bulk Discount & WooCommerce PDF Invoices. Contents Bulk DiscountWooCommerce PDF Invoices Bulk Discount The native Woocommerce plugin allows discounts for single items but what happens when we want to offer … Read more Bulk Discount & PDF Invoices for WooCommerce

Positioning your site with The SEO Framework

If you don’t know about The SEO Framework plugin, please take a look of it. You won’t regret it. This plugin offers a wide range of options to help your website rank. The SEO Framework –TSF– is backed by very good technical features and support valuations. It is free and professional. TSF facilitates the process … Read more Positioning your site with The SEO Framework

The Content: index.php

Serie WordPress Theme development Chapter 1. What is a WordPress Theme?Chapter 2. Creating your own WordPress Theme: Style.cssChapter 3. The Content: index.phpChapter 4. The header, the footer and the sidebar Chapter 3: The Content: index.php The index.php file is the default template of the site. Usually, the index.php file contains the traditional blog format where … Read more The Content: index.php