Bokez, or how to make post Grid blocks easily

Do you need to create a pleasant design web site but you are not familiar with CSS? Bokez presents different options of design blocks for Gutenberg editor we are going to have a look of one of them, the post Grid Blocks.

I have used several times and it works easily. It is a simple way to work without typing a single line of code and save working time.

First of all, be sure to install the Gutenberg editor or activate the Gutenberg plugin.

Once the plugin is installed on the dashboard it is time to start creating your post Grid Blocks.

bokez design blocks

The management with this Bokez plugin is quite simple, it just allows to change the number of posts and the columns but it is enough to make your blog page looking with a pleasant design.

  • It is easy
  • It is simple
  • It is free
bokez design blocks
bokez design blocks
bokez design blocks

Bokez presents this free plugin, developed by Delabon Plugins.