What can you do with Booster for WooCommerce?

Booster for WooCommerce gives your site more than a hundred of potent features to facilitate and expand the possibilities of working with business issues without having to be a programmer. It could be defined as an application itself because of its large number of modules you can choose to use.
It is impossible to talk about all the Booster for WooCommerce features in a post so we will only highlight some of them.

Main features:

As for Prices & Currencies

Allows accepting all currencies and cryptocurrencies in the world. This extensión is the first step to avoid headaches when you have to work with different countries and continents. Your business will be ready to show prices for products in different currencies and what is more, it will be ready to change the product’s price and currency automatically by each customer’s country.

As for Button & Price Labels

Set different price labels by product type. Do you negotiate prices for your products? You can add text before, after or instead of the price. Set your “Call us for a price”.

As for Products

There are 30 modules to go deep inside all of them. I have chosen these examples among the multiple features:

  • Booking module to manage your apartment availability.
  • Product addons. Add addons to products to highlight any condition or requirement. They are extensions that indicate a special treatment to the selected product. For example, it may be a different price depending on the customers’ age: a student or a retiree will have a lower rate compared to other customers.
  • SKU (Stock-keeping unit). Automatically generates SKU number for all existing products in your store.

As for Cart & Checkout

  • Checkout Files Upload. Add multiple file upload fields which you can configure according to a position, position order, type of label, remove or upload button, text message and conditionally options.
  • Checkout Custom Fields. Add more fields to the checkout page. You can choose the section to place and the type of information field you want to add: Email, order received and value fields options such as Text, Number, Checkbox, Datepicker, Radio, Password, Country and so on.

As for Payment Gateways

Multiple custom payment gateways:
Payment Gateways Min/Max Amounts. Set up the minimum and maximum amounts for a payment gateway.
Payment Gateways Currency Converter. Set different currency for each payment gateway depending on where are your customers from, Direct Bank Transfer, Cheque Payment, Cash on delivery or Paypal. The currency your shop shows on the frontend will depend on payment gateway chosen by the customer.

Shipping & Orders

Customize admin orders and custom shipping methods.
Order Custom Statuses. Give the customer the information needs to be patient while waits for the purchase.
Custom Order Numbers. Allows ordering numbers in a sequential and customizable form. Forget the random order numbers generated automatically. Set custom number and date prefix or suffix. You can set ordering numbers to all existing orders.

PDF Invoicing & Packing Slips

PDF invoices, proforma invoices, credit notes, packing slips and custom docs to WooCommerce. Each document type has its own numbering system, comes with a fully customizable template, styling, page settings, a customizable header & footer, display and emailing options.

Emails & Misc.

Custom Emails. Allows adding custom email, for instance, Verification email or set admin title in the WooCommerce notification list.