Comparative among slider plugins

Looking for a slider plugin to install, I have finished making this comparison among different plugins. Let’s see the strengths and weaknesses of these following Gutenberg compatible plugins: Master Slider, MetaSlider, Smart Slider 3 and Ben’s Slider. You can use any of them without writing a line of code. These plugins – except Ben’s Slider … Read more

Menu plugin for your restaurant

Food and Drink Menu. If you are working on a site for a restaurant and you need a menu plugin to solve quickly, please take a look of this one developed by Nate Wright. Food and Drink Menu plugin gives you the option to create two post types: Menu Items and Menus itself. Here you … Read more

CoBlocks for marketers

If you are looking for plugin for marketers, CoBlocks presents a set of professional building content blocks for the Gutenberg editor. It is specialized in marketing tools and allows you to create content in an intuitive fashion.

Gutenberg, the new editor for WordPress

We have been talking about Gutenberg editor for WordPress for a long time, too many posts about this topic, too many opinions. But what does mean exactly the Gutenberg editor for WordPress 5.0.? We are going to list just the new points briefly: 1.- First of all, it is a new feature under the new … Read more

Why should I need to use Flexbox?

Flexbox is an easy practice to change the way my elements are displayed. During years, we have been considering how many pixels or rems should I give to display the content into the box. This is not necessary with Flexbox.

We have been measuring the width and the height of the blocks, we have been working with properties such as inline or inline-block to display the content in the box. With Flexbox this is not necessary.

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