CoBlocks for marketers

If you are looking for plugin for marketers, CoBlocks presents a set of professional building content blocks for the Gutenberg editor. It is specialized in marketing tools and allows you to create content in an intuitive fashion.

You just have to install the plugin in your WordPress theme and automatically the new blocks appear in the dashboard with
13 new options to work quickly and easily.

  • Accordion
  • Alert
  • Media card
  • Dynamic highlight
  • Click to tweet
  • Gif
  • GitHub Gist
  • Price table
  • Highlight
  • Row
  • Author
  • Social
  • Map

For example, it allows you to create a media card in which you can add other blocks according to your needs.

Coblocks is a free plugin.

It is in Spanish, German, Russian and Ukrainian.

Developed by CoBlocks