Codeable, the most suitable experts for your project.

For those who do not know yet, the platform Codeable offers a WordPress development service where you will find the service of hiring professional freelancers.
This is basically the hire of WordPress and PHP developers from anywhere in the world. Codeable is managed from Europe but can offer offshore services.

It is no remarkable if it was not for their work philosophy, the experts’ quality and professionalism in the process. This makes Codeable a network of the world’s best WordPress developers.

Access test to Codeable

The developers who are part of the Codeable platform have been selected after strict access tests, interviews and vetting process. These professionals offer excellent support in a collaborative environment since the main characteristic of the Codeable platform is that there is no competition for prices.

When a client gets in the process of contracting a service, their demand will be valued by different Codeable experts who will offer their solutions and the final price will be the average of the prices offered by each expert.
This prevents prices from falling down and therefore the quality of the code.
Besides, the client will select his most suitable expert depending on the answers and solutions collected instead of the price. It is a fair play process.
Thus, you can be sure that you are having the best help available without commitment.

The option offered by Codeable is an oasis that offers quality, organization, success and safety in the production process in a global panorama of non-professional suppliers. Furthermore, the team of on-boarding assistants control the relationship between experts and customers making sure the right direction of the process.

Codeable handles all billing and relationship between client and developers. The client must advance the payment to the platform but the developer will not be paid until the work is completed. In this way, the payment is guaranteed and also the work fulfilment.

Codeable services

Codeable services are always related to WordPress:

  • Plugins – personalization, development and bug fix.
  • Themes – creation from scratch, personalization.
  • Server management, speed and database optimization and so on.

If you go deep inside Codeable platform you can find any kind of service required but the most plentiful are those related to e-commerce, improvements in loading speed and theme tweaks.

We must emphasize that Codeable offers two alternatives for customers who need help. They can request a project or consulting option depending on the characteristics of client demand. If customers opt for this last option when they are not sure of the issue, they will contact an expert to analyze the issue and have an hour chat.

The Codeable experts are based around the world so there’s no problem with time zones, it’s a 24 hour open platform.