Elementor presents more design tools from the powerful Happy Addons

weDevs and Happy Addons have merged to together and the result is a powerful Elementor add-on. These new Elementor widgets add extra features to your site and you are lucky because they are available since July 2019.

Why is this connection Elementor and Happy Addons so special?

Happy Addons for Elementor are unlimited, flexible and free.

The creators’ large experience guarantee a good design that allows customization and adaptation to any type of website template in minutes. It could be said: design setting-up instantly.

Best support

The free version has launched with excellent professional support. Besides this, there will be an upgrade to a PRO version soon.

Happy Addons Users reviews

Users have rated 5 stars. They point out the easy use, support and a large number of customization features to create a beautiful and professional design, especially the floating effects without a line of code.

Happy Addons features

Happy Addons widget collection

Trendy Designs
Updates and new widgets every week, or they say so.

Elementor happy-addons widget collection

Fully Responsive
Widgets are fully responsive and adaptable to different devices. Forget the mess!

Elementor happy-addons widget collection

Preset Engine
The PRO version will come a powerful preset engine to work and load quickly.

Elementor happy-addons widget collection

Fast and slim
Happy Addons’ developers code conscientiously to keep the site fast and the users happy.

Elementor happy-addons widget collection

Happy Addons widget floating effects

It is time to translate, rotate or scale… you have the final word about the limit! You do not need to be a CSS expert to create your site full of beautiful effects that will call the customers attention to choose your products against the competitors’.

Now you have the opportunity to work in built-in motion effects. You just have to play with X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis to rotate or move the elements across the page and thereby generate a movement effect for the product that you will point out.

CSS transform
Elemetor and Happy Addons also brings you the opportunity to work with CSS to translate, rotate or scale and customize your page as you like.

Happy Addons 360 degree object rotation feature

Elementor presents the space effect for the most daring projects. Make your products display stunning with 360 degree object rotation.
See the Happy Addons 360 degree video tutorial

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