Grids: a Block Editor plugin to build layouts in a few clicks.

Grids Layout Builder is a fantastic plugin created by Evolve for Gutenberg and the new Block Editor. This plugin helps to create complex page designs. It is aimed at all who use CSS and know that CSS Grid exists. Grids Layout Builder allows you to create grids within the content you are working on.

You can create a grid template area and redistribute the content as you like. For example, the magazine format that we have always seen in the written press can be taken to a web page with Grids Layout Builder.

Let’s see an example on video, once you have the Grids Layout Builder installed, in the upper right you will find the plugin button to start composing content area or web page.

As you can see, we can select different individual sections depending on the size, shape and place of composition. It is easy to create, modify and change the position of the elements.

The following image is the result of the composition:

Grids Layout Builder by Evolve

It is a tool that can work together all plugins developed for the Block Editor.

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