Gutenberg, the new editor for WordPress

We have been talking about Gutenberg editor for WordPress for a long time, too many posts about this topic, too many opinions.

But what does mean exactly the Gutenberg editor for WordPress 5.0.? We are going to list just the new points briefly:

1.- First of all, it is a new feature under the new Twenty Nineteen Theme.

2.- This new editor tool has been empowered with a block-based interface. It means that you can create your web pages contents dragging and dropping features. You can drag and drop paragraphs, images, videos, and every feature you need from the block interface.

A point to keep in mind is that the sequence of the features depends on your creation. It is an easy way to be creative.

3.- Gutenberg includes a lot of elements that were previously achieved through third-party plugins. It not only makes work easier but saves time because you can get buttons or tables from the editor just with one click.

4.- How do you want to organize your content? For the first time, the block-based interface mentioned before allows you to organize the content in columns. You can create multi-column layouts within your content area, and include other blocks inside each column.

5.- WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get -. You can see the content and layout as it will look like when is published.

If you want to test the editor without installing anything, try this link: