Bulk Discount & PDF Invoices for WooCommerce

Woocommerce plugin is the most popular online shopping tool but it lacks specific references to make life even easier. Here you are two FREE extensions: Bulk Discount & WooCommerce PDF Invoices.

Bulk Discount

The native Woocommerce plugin allows discounts for single items but what happens when we want to offer a bulk discount?

Let’s see the WooCommerce Bulk Discount extension for your business.

Bulk Discount extension allows you the option of making discounts to the items of your shopping cart when the purchase exceeds the volume you previously have defined. The use of this plugin is always determined by the sort of product and the quantity ordered. For instance: if a customer orders 5 or more items within the same category, I will apply a discount of 10%. This is just an example, each store will manage its marketing strategy.

Main features:

  • Discount individually per product or globally for all products.
  • Multiple discounts supported. Currently up to 5 discount lines for the same product.
  • Percentage, fixed and flat discount.
  • Configuration to apply a Bulk discount or not when a coupon code is used.
  • “Treat the variations separatelyā€¯ checkbox. It means we should check this option when we want the discounts to be applied in shared quantities. -link-
  • Shows the discount next to the single item.
  • Discount is visible on the Checkout and Order Details page.

Bulk Discount extension is developed by Rene Puchinger.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices

If you work with WooCommerce it is time to save working time, automates the process with WooCommerce PDF Invoices and improve efficiency. Forget the misplaced invoice!
The design of templates is easily customizable and fields can be added or removed depending on the demands.

How does it work? Attaching the PDF Invoice to one of the following options you will find in the second tab called “Documents”:

Three easy and quick steps:

  • First step, this plugin generates invoices and packing slips. Go to the Orders menu of your WooCommerce dashboard and you will find the option.
  • Second step, attaches it to the WooCommerce email types which you have chosen before.
  • The last step, it sends the invoice or the packing slip to your customers.

It works with sharing programmes such as Google Drive, Egnyte, Dropbox or OneDrive to connect with.