Placeholder block plugin

Placeholder Block Plugin allows to change an item inside a post once and make it updated in every page in which it appears.

Are you a WordPress developer and have you ever wished you could show one post on different WordPress pages? Have you ever wanted to create blocks of content which can be used as a template at any time?

The Placeholder plugin has been created to facilitate work and optimize time of those who work with content.

Placeholder plugin description

Accelerate your content management by creating sets of blocks that you can use later in any page or post.

Build as many placeholders as you want and use them all along your site. Each “Placeholder” can be used as a symbol and replicated into any other content.

What are the advantages of using the Placeholder plugin:

  • Works with the WordPress Gutenberg editor.
  • Allows you to create designs or sets of blocks and display them on different pages or posts at the same time.
  • You only need to update a block once and it will be updated automatically in each and every page in which it is placed.
  • You can create as many blocks as you want.
  • You can save each group of blocks created and use it whenever and wherever you need.

Activate the Gutenberg Block plugin easily

Placeholder plugin makes adding content simple and enjoyable.

First step

Add new block collection: New Placeholder from your website WordPress dashboard.

Second step

Make your set of blocks you want to reuse.
You can add text, button, image, video, or whatever you want to make the set of blocks.

You should think a litlle bit before adding blocks because you will reuse them again and again. But if you would change any text, image, button, video or whatever, don’t worry! just change once and Placeholder will update them everywhere you have posted.

Afterwards save the set of blocks.
Placeholder plugin allows you to create blocks of content that you can save on your admin as a template to use anywhere you want.

Third step

Go to the content you want your new Placeholder to appear and add the Placeholder block.

Fourth step

You will find the menu to choose the name of the Placeholder you need on the right side of your screen.

And that’s it!!