Talk at WordCamp Bilbao 2019

¿What is Root’s SAGE 9? A starter theme for WordPress with a current workflow. Tools, technologies and advantages. This talk was part of the WordCamp Bilbao 2019 hold at the Maritime Museum during the last April. Watch the talk video clicking this link: Roots SAGE 9. Current techniques to create themes.

Enjoy Flexiting, your Flexbox playground for CSS

What is Flexbox? If you still don’t know what is it Play Flexbox for CSS with our Flexiting playground. Learn, practice and enjoy how the elements are placed. What is the difference between Flex-Container and Flex-Items? Flex container properties flex-direction, flex-wrap, flex-flow, justify-content, align-items, align-content Flex-items properties order, flex-grow, flex-shrink, flex-basis, align-self Learn more with … Read more

Placeholder Block for Gutenberg

Create one set of blocks and display it on different contents. Update once and update everywhere. Read more or Download.