Rank Math one step further towards the SEO suite

Rank Math SEO plugin was launched in 2018 by MyThemeShop.com. It is quite new but it is being downloaded by a large number of developers so far, so it is having great success in the current moment of WordPress. Rank Math has interrupted the SEO plugin options dominated by the quiet fight between Yoast and The SEO Framework.
This plugin is free.

Let’s see the main features:

Clear and monitored configuration.

Rank Math explains the actions to carry out in each phase. It is easy to follow the steps offered by the configuration interface. It presents the possibility to set up the site’s SEO, social profiles, webmaster profiles and other SEO settings.

First of all, there is an option to import the settings from another SEO plugin you are using.

Then, you have to enter your site’s information.

Point number 3 is to authorize and verify the connection of your site with Google Search Console. As we will see later on this post, we can access the Google Search Console from the Rank Math dashboard.

You can select the Sitemap configuration on point number 4.

Next, you should automate SEO Tweaks such as nofollow and redirecting links.

And this is all concerning the Rank Math installation process. Now, your site is ready.

A very interesting point is the following: Rank Math allows to import the settings from other SEO plugins but also presents the feature to enable the export of settings. This empowers you to make backups and moreover, allows you to keep the Rank Math settings already configured to reuse it in another site.

Once we are in the dashboard, the full configuration of the Rank Math settings is simple but quite long. If you want to configure all the options perfectly it will take some time. Unlike other SEO plugins, it is necessary to spend time on all settings tabs.

The General Settings present nine tabs to be configured relative to Links, Images, Breadcrumbs, Webmaster Tools, Edit robots.txt. Edit .htaccess, WooCommerce, Others and Search Console.

As you can see, this plugin integrates fundamental options which help us to save time in the future. For example, the Search Console option can be found in the menu on the left without having to go to the Google page to check the search analytics, the sitemap or the keyword tracker.

This menu also displays the SEO Analysis tab but, what can we do with this tool? The first notification will tell us if we are optimizing the site properly but also will give us information about the content, URL structure, pagination and so on of each page individually. It is the site’s status at the right time to improve the post’s SEO instantaneously.
It is convenient to take time working the SEO Analysis because we could have errors that we can not realize and they are affecting the ranking radically. The SEO Analysis tool helps us to identify those errors and shows us how to repair them.

Something more about Rank Math:

  • Clear interface.
  • Right information at the right time.
  • Advanced snippet previews. You would see how your post appears in the SERPs and how it looks on social media.
  • Modular framework to disable or enable modules whenever you need.
  • The code is written from scratch to run as fast as possible.
  • Awesome technical support.

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