Here you are one of the best SEO Writing Assistant by Semrush

The SEO writing assistant is a new tool developed by Semrush platform on digital marketing toolkit for marketing professionals. We would like to highlight the SEO Writing Assistant for copywriters in this summer post.

The SEO writing assistant is still in Beta phase but we should pay attention to this SEO toolkit as it shows us, for instance, how our 10-rivals write about the keywords we have selected.

It is also very good news for those WordPress clients, bloggers and marketers since Semrush allows download an add-on to check if the post texts added into the WordPress editor contain the quality requirement.

Watch the video below.

What is SEO Writing Assistant by Semrush

It is a text editor that offers different quality information as the text is being written. In this sense, we have the chance to improve the document with any assistance suggestion before is uploaded.

SEO Semrush Writing Assistant

Let’s see the following features:

Overall score

It makes an average of the metrics below.


It tells us the level of readability. Is it appropriate for our audience? which are the words that could have a difficult understanding? The SEO Writing Assistant uses Flesch reading-ease score formula to gather the info.

SEO Writing Assistant by Semrush. Readability

The higher the score, the easier text is.

NOTE we must not forget that we must write for our readers, NOT for a tracking robot.


Words counter

Target keywords

Keywords suggestions to use at least once.

Recommended keywords

Keywords recommendations to achieve the goal.


Words suggestion that should have the title in. It is based on the keywords selected. It also suggests that the optimal title length should be 160 characters.

Paragraph length

Level of difficulty of paragraphs legibility.

Meta description

160 characters as optimal title length.


Recommendation to include H1 with keywords.


External domains related to our topic suggested getting backlinks.

10-ranking rivals

The SEO Writing Assistant analyzes who are our 10-ranking rivals according to our keywords. It also shows us how our competitors write about the keywords we have selected.

Here you can download extended recommendations. Take a look of this document.

Get SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant add-on for WordPress

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