Spyfu, something more than a research keyword tool

Spyfu is a keyword tool and one of the best alternatives as a keyword research tool for both SEO and PPC. Spyfu will help you combine competitors, track your rankings and increase web traffic.

Spyfu has been on the market for many years but for those who do not know it, Spyfu has a user-friendly, clear and easy interface to understand and use. It is a very good keyword tool to start when a project is born. We say so because it allows you to know how existing competitors are, analyze the situation and, therefore, create the most appropriate strategy for your project. Spyfu allows for both organic and payment analysis, it is an important point to mention.

Spyfu is a paying tool but it is one of those worthy and deserving tools when it really helps in your work and indeed, Spyfu does.

So, what are Spyfu’s main functions?

  • Analysis of competitors
  • Keyword research tools
  • Keyword tracking
  • Range tracking

Let’s see how it works. At first, Spyfu gives the option to find your competitors when you introduce your web domain. It compiles a list of competitors and similar websites to our business giving a full scope of them. Spyfu also allows you to search for competitors through keywords.

In this case, we put an example with a department store and a Mountain Bike business.

Spyfu also allows you to search for competitors through keywords.

Once we have the list completed, we can see the highest ranking keywords of all these competitors.

One of the advantages of Spyfu is the volume and quality of information that we can collect as it is an excellent searching tool for potential clients.

At last, we will say that Spyfu has been in the market for years and has a good reputation which has earned for working in keeping up with the constant changes in the SEO panorama.

There are three subscription levels:
Basic – $39/month (paid monthly) or $33/month (paid annually)
Professional – $39/month (monthly) or $58/month (annually)
Agency – $299/month (monthly) or $199/month (annually)

As a disadvantage Spyfu is supported only in USA and UK.

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