Positioning your site with The SEO Framework

If you don’t know about The SEO Framework plugin, please take a look of it. You won’t regret it. This plugin offers a wide range of options to help your website rank. The SEO FrameworkTSF– is backed by very good technical features and support valuations. It is free and professional.

TSF facilitates the process to work with. For instance, it gives the opportunity to migrate from another SEO plugin in just 10 minutes using the SEO Data Transporter. TSF also comes preconfigured. It means that all pages on your website will be automatically optimized for SEO and social networks. Your work will be to check and improve the options according to your objectives.

Before starting, it’s necessary to check out the SEO settings page at the bottom left of your WordPress admin menu.

You will be all set for SEO once these settings are set up:

General settings: check out the canonical tab.

Home Page Settings: check out the Meta Title and Meta Description. Be sure the text is in accordance with your goals.

Social Meta Settings: this is a key point. These settings are read when someone shares a page of your website. Besides, this data increases engagement.

Schema Settings: this information will change how search engines understand your site.

Robots Meta Settings: this section prevents indexing of the selected archives. It is especially important because the selected archives will request to be removed from search engine results pages.

Take a look of the following Webmaster Meta Settings, Sitemap Settings and Feed Settings but you don’t need to change anything else.

The interface

The interface is easy to use. TSF is an accessible, unbranded and automated solution for your website.

It has been developed by Sybre Waaijer